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Popular Overwatch 2 character Mei has been temporarily disabled by Blizzard due to a game-breaking exploit – and won’t return for two weeks.

Mei, one of the game’s damage characters, has an ability called Ice Wall, which projects a huge wall of ice in front of her.

Ice Wall is a useful ability which can block the opposing team’s path and line of sight. Players found a novel way to use it, but not without some bugs.

Players could use Mei’s Ice Wall with certain abilities from other heroes to reach “unintended locations” in the map. One player shared footage of them playing as Kiriko and using Ice Wall to move into the wall of a building. From there, they were able to continue attacking whilst being immune to damage themselves.

Yesterday, a community manager posted an announcement on the official Blizzard forums regarding Mei. “We are temporarily disabling Mei to address a bug with her Ice Wall ability,” Blizzard said in its statement. Mei will be unavailable in the character selection screen for another fortnight until she’s re-enabled.

Blizzard said it hopes to re-introduce Mei in the game’s next patch, which is currently planned for two week’s time on 15th November.