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Kojima Productions has revealed Japanese-Australian actress Shioli Kutsuna will star in its upcoming, and for now somewhat mysterious, new game.

Kutsuna is best known for her role as Yukio in Deadpool 2, and has also had roles in Murder Mystery and The Outsider.

This news came in true Kojima style. As with the earlier reveals of Elle Fanning’s participation in this new game, Kutsuna’s role was shared on Kojima’s website.

However, while Fanning had the words “Who am I?” adorning her visage, Kutsuna’s face has “Where am I?” written across her image. This wording was previously teased at the PAX Aus gaming convention, and then again later by Hideo Kojima himself.

In addition to this, the latest teaser periodically flashes to a black screen with the words “How come?”. This is likely linked to the next set of “???s” Kojima teased last month.

As for what this new game actually is, following Kojima’s initial “Who am I?” teaser earlier this year, many surmised a proper reveal will come at this year’s Game Awards, especially given the fact that Kojima and the event’s organiser Geoff Keighly are so close. (Remember when he announced a podcast at Keighly’s Gamescom Opening Night Live?)

There’s also been speculation this new game could tie in with Death Stranding as Norman Reedus, aka that game’s Sam Bridges, now follows Fanning on Instagram.

Reedus had previously let slip that Death Stranding 2 is in production, however this has not been officially confirmed or denied by Kojima. As ever, the director will undoubtedly let us know eventually… even if in a very protracted fashion.